Strength of Spirit

A Local Inspiration

Dog-Cloud-2Danny and I stopped by to visit with our neighbor, Irene.  Irene is in her late 80’s.  Her husband passed away several months earlier.

I also wanted to drop off a Thank You card.  Irene made me the most beautiful doily.  It is pink and it looks so good on top of an old dark colored, wood dresser I have in my room.

I was so touched by her generous gift.  I just love it.

While Danny and I were visiting with Irene, I noticed how she has fixed up her place some, to suite her needs.  I commented on how nice the place looked.

Irene began reminiscing about Clayton.  She spoke about his gardening.  Clayton had planted a large garden the last year of his life.  They were able to put food up for the winter, and they also shared some of their bounty with others.  Including Danny and me.

I made a soup last week and I added green beans that Clayton grew.  It made me smile to think about Clayton and how amazing it must be to live up into your late 80’s and still be able to grow a garden, even in your last year of your life. What a wonderful gift, to be able to leave your spouse and friends food to enjoy after you are gone.  He had such strength of character.  Such generosity.  Such strength of spirit.

Irene spoke about how she has taken up crocheting again.  She enjoys doing it, but it also helps her pass the time.  She gets tired of watching TV and doing crossword puzzles.

She also spoke about how she misses Clayton, but that she wasn’t going wallow in grief and feel sorry for herself.  That she was continuing with the business of living.

It is so clear to us, how much she loved Clayton and how much she misses him.  She keeps a couple of photos of Clayton.  They sit near by in the living room, where she spends a lot of her time.

IMG_0736She has such strength of character and spirit also.  But I think she has great courage.  I imagine it isn’t easy losing your spouse in your late 80’s, and picking up the pieces of your life and mending them back together.  Irene has done this with such grace.  I found myself in awe!

If you are looking for examples of inspiration, look around your community.  Visit someone who is sick, someone who has lost a loved or a neighbor.  Sit with them and listen to what they have to say.   Smile back at them and be kind in all things.  You never know what may unfold.

In loving memory of Clayton Cantrell

Live life and enjoy it!

Look at the source of your thoughts.

Where they come from – the essence of your being.

Which is the same essence in all living things.

The place of Connectedness!

By experiencing the essence of your being, then you start to see that all things arise from the same essence and there is no duality.

Then you can start to not hold so tightly to a joyful or sorrowful experience, because you realize they come from the same essence and there for you can return to this place of essence, where it is calm and be content that life is ever changing.  

Joys and sorrows will come and go, but the place of your essence, your being, the oneness of all living things never changes or ends.  It exists in all of life and all of time.  

You can only understand this by directly tasting the experience of life in all of its many faucets and remember to be grateful for being a live and enjoy every moment!


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