A Mirror

I was looking for some paper to write a list of things down on that I needed at the grocery store today.  I was getting ready to head into town and I didn’t want to forget anything, since it had just started to snowing hard on our mountain.  We may need to dig in for a little while, after I returned home.

I picked up a notebook and I started thumbing through it. I noticed that there was something written out in my hand and it was long, like a letter or something.  I started reading it and realized it was one of my own writings, I decided to publish it here.  I hope you enjoy it!

A Mirror

I was sitting on my front porch listening to her share her dreams and thoughts about a new life that she and her younger husband want to create for themselves.  I heard joy and hope in her voice and as I looked upon her face I saw that it was full of wonder.   I could see that she thought unlimited possibilities lay at her feet and all about her. 

As beautiful as this was to see, it was like a mirror for me.  Mirroring back to me a time when I first came to Paint Creek.  I’m sure I must have looked  the same way and I may have had some of the same dreams and thoughts. 

I remembered how wonderful that time felt and how things just seem to flow so easily.  I didn’t know then how hard things would get at times living on the mountain and the new life we were trying to create for ourselves.  I was naïve and newly in love, just as I imagine my new neighbor was.

There was a brief moment when I had the desire to tell her about all the things I didn’t know, that made my transition from my old life to this new life much harder.  I stopped myself and just sat there and listened to her share her hearts desires.  When she would take a pause, I would encourage her to continue on by smiling kindly. 

I understood in that moment that we all have our own path to walk in this great life and it is the walking of the path that leads us to growing in our own experiences, our own wisdoms and our own understandings of the world and ourselves.  Why would I want to prevent this from unfolding for her in the way her life journeys was meant to. 

Update:  This was written several years ago.  Sadly the couple in this story have chosen to go their separate ways, but I loved this story and the wonderful memory from that beautiful and sunny day sitting my front porch.



3 thoughts on “A Mirror

  1. After reading your post, I slipped back through old memories of hopes and dreams from what is now my distant past. I am old now. My youth is gone. My hopes and dreams have for the most part been fulfilled or lost and abandoned along my seemingly endless meandering path. Along the way, I have been fortunate to find caring beings that, if only for a short time, traveled the way with me — and I with them. Letting go of self and expectations I learned to embrace the openness of spirit and the awe and wonder of not only my journey but also the journey of others. Even if we are fortunate enough to have loving family and friends around us, we sometimes feel alone and unconnected. After all, it is our own journey. What each of us receives form our experience is unique to our own understanding and belief. Some of it cannot be put into words or shared with others. It is for us, alone. And yet, other things must be shared before they can be fully understood. And so it was that in think back, I remembered some words from Hyemeyohsts Storm: “The Universe is a Mirror of the people, and each person is a mirror of every other person… The only way we can overcome our loneliness and to learn the things of the heart is through Touching. It is the only way to be total beings… Come sit with me, and let us smoke the Pipe of Peace in understanding. Let us Touch. Let us, each to the other be a Gift, as is the Buffalo. Let us be Meat to Nourish each other that we may Grow.”
    Thank you for writing again. I have missed your insight and your gifts. Your sharing always touches me.

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