The Invisibles

They are the nameless

They have no culture

They belong to no group

They are treated with in-difference

They are the Invisibles


They have a deep desire to belong to a group

They want a name, a culture

They want to feel accepted

They want to be claimed by a group

They want to belong


What have we created with the nameless in this modern world

How unkind are we or are we

What has lead us to this time where so many nameless exist

What were our ancestors thinking or were they

Is this a better fate for the  nameless, to live invisible in a very visible society

Is this a blessing in disguise


How do we create a time and place of belonging, of acceptance for everyone, especially for the nameless

Can we only create this time and place of acceptance in our dreams

    Yes..  Our dreams…..  they will give birth to all new things

        A new group, a new culture

        where the nameless will be members 

This new group will be known as the true Human Beings

The Invisibles

    What a gift they give to the world…….. 

Author – Kay LittleJohn – July 2010




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