A Winter Day

It has been a while since I have made a blog post.  I started working outside the house back in July at the University of Tennessee (UT) in Knoxville.  I’m doing computer work for UT (SharePoint web sites).  I’m enjoying the work I’m doing there, and I like the work environment.  It is a long commute back and forth, but the commute has actually given me time to listen to some audio books.  I’m really enjoying listening to audio books.

UT has recently cut my hours in half, so I’m just working part time now.  As much as I could use full time work, I’m trying to make the best of my free time and remain grateful for what work I have.


We have had an early winter this year that has been filled with lots of snow and cold weather.  I’m more of a warm weather person, so I find winters to be hard, especially cold ones.

This morning I was standing by our woodstove trying to warm up and I noticed our Dogwood tree and Polk Berry bushes full of song birds.  The song birds have almost picked the Dogwood tree bear of it’s bright red berries and the Polk Berry bushes aren’t far behind, and will soon be bear.

SnowtreeI had been feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t gotten around to clearing the Polk Berry bushes away and placing them in my composting pile or clearing the dead plants from my raised bed.  I have been so busy working, that what free time I had, I was busy doing all the other mundane things that are required of us, so that we can get by in this life.

Standing by the woodstove this morning warming up, I watched the song birds in the Dogwood tree and Polk Berry bushes and I can’t remember seeing so many song birds in my yard during the winter.  It was wonderful seeing all the different song birds.  I even saw a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker woodpecker (we had to dig out our bird book, because we had never seen on before).  What a beautiful bird.

As I was watching the birds, it occurred to me what a gift it was for the song birds and woodpecker, that I hadn’t clear away the Polk Berries bushes.  This is how the birds make their living in the winter.  We all need to make a living and to eat, as my Dad would say.

Next year I’ll will try and remember to leave my Polk Berry bushes standing with their berries on them, so the songs have a way to make a living and they have plenty to eat.

We can learn a lot from nature, if we slow down enough to observe what is going on around us.  I’m grateful I did this morning.  It was a good reminder to remember how important it is to live in balance with all of life.




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