A Surprise Gift from Ants

A couple of weeks ago, I went out side to check our mailbox for mail.  When I opened the door on my mailbox, the whole setup fell over and landed on the ground near our driveway.  The wooden post that had been holding it up for the last 9 years, had rotted through at the ground.  It had some help though.  A community of ants had taken residency in the mailbox post and the they had eaten away a lot of the wood, where it meets the ground.

Seeing my mailbox and its post just lying on the ground there, I thought this isn’t good.

My son is a Stone Mason, and later that day he showed up for a visit and saw my mailbox laying on the ground, he said “Mom, I have nice brick that I could use to build you a new pier that your mailbox would sit on”.  I said “sure, I would love that”.

So, he built me a new column out of beautiful brick and my husband helped him attached our old mailbox to the top.  It is so beautiful.  What a good son and husband I have.


And for those ants, they did me a big favor after all.  I love my new brick mailbox column.



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