Life Anew

The past couple of weeks our lives have had an abundance birds.  We love birds, so this has been a lot joy for us.

In my last post, I wrote about a sick hummingbird. Turns out this sick hummingbird hasn’t show back up.  I can only guess that her illness (Avian Pox Virus) was to much for her.  We did disinfect the hummingbird feeders so the virus would not spread.  So far, no signs of the virus and our hummingbirds seem very happy.


In fact, there are about 10 or 12 hummingbirds that are feeding from our feeders.  They are eating so much food that we have to refill our feeders every day.  We have two feeders.  It is amazing how much these little birds can eat.


We love watching them and listening their tiny bird voices.  Their voices are truly a unique sound. A sweet sound.  What amazing creatures.

Here is another bird story.  A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a birds nest in my clothespins holder that I have hanging on our front porch.   There were no eggs in the nest, so I removed the nest.  Now I was able to get to my clothespins.

The next time (a few days later) I went to hand out clothes on the line, I discovered the birds nest had been re-built in my clothespins holder.  There were no eggs in the nest, so I removed the nest and hung up my clothes.

Then a few days later, I was working in my computer room one morning with the window open and a little house wren flew up to the windows and sat on the outside window sill and started talking up a storm to me.  I thought this was odd and very unusual.  It was a pretty little house wren.  I watched her for a few minutes and then she flew away.  I soon forgot about her visit.

Later in the day, I went out to hang up a load of clothes, and I’m sure you have guessed what I found.  There was another nest inside my clothespins holder, but this time it had eggs in it.


I suddenly remembered the little house wren’s visit earlier in the day and I wondered if she was trying to tell me to leave her nest alone.  I decided to leave the nest alone and let the little house wren use it to hatch out her babies.  She seemed pretty determined to use the clothespins holder, so I yielded to her.  I figured she must need it more than me.

I made myself another clothespins holder and bought some more clothespins at the hardware store.  I needed more clothespins anyway.

I hope I get the chance to see her babies when they hatch out.  What an interesting momma bird.

I have one more bird story.  We have some chickens.  They are Black Javas.  They are one of the oldest known chickens breeds and ours are close to being pure Black Java.  A lot of hybrid chickens today, have Java in them.  To learn more about Black Java Chickens, check out an article written in Mother Earth News, by clicking here.

One of our hens decided that she was going to hatch a batch of baby chickens.  We were excited.  She had four hatch out and three of them lived.  They are so cute.


These chickens are good layers and their eggs are so good.  They are a good meat bird to, for those of you who eat meat.


These are not only good looking chickens, they are hardy birds and seem to have a lot of their wild tendencies still intact.


We are very happy with our Black Java chickens and our main flock is kept in a Chicken tractor (a mobile chicken pin).  We move the tractor once a week so that our chickens always have a fresh supply of grass and bugs.  Yummmmmm for the chickens.

Enjoy your day!


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