My Sister Entered a Contest for a Chef’s Position

My youngest sister, Beth LittleJohn is a chef and she has entered a contest for a Chef’s position on a cruise ship called the Allure of the Seas.  This position will be for one year and it will be a great adventure for my sister.  She is real excited about the idea.

The contest has selected 6 finalist and my sister, Beth is one of them.  Each of the finalists have created a video of themselves cooking something and providing a little information about themselves.  To see these videos and to vote for your favorite chef, visit this link:  Allure of the Seas Contest.

Here is a direct link to my sister, Beth video:  You can vote for your favorite chef once a day.

The contest folks are flying my little sister to NY the first of Aug and she will cook something in front of the judges.  The judging will be based not only on this cooking demonstration in NY, but also on the public vote (people voting on their favorite chefs video).  I’m not sure how much weight is given to what, but it all is important.  So, please go vote for your favorite chef.

To learn more about the contest, go to the home page of the Allure of the Seas culinary challenge, by visiting this link:

I’m so proud of my little sister and I’m so happy for her.  Regardless of whether she wins or not, it is awesome that she has made it to the 6 finalists.  I believe she is a strong contender.  Go Beth, go!


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