Living Rich

Where we live is in a pretty rural area and there isn’t a lot of work around here these days.  It has been a tough year, but we have lived a rich life this spring.  Not money wise, but our richness has come from the abundance of spring.  This has been one of the most beautiful and and abundant springs we have had in a long time.

Paint Creek TN Fishing Pond

id=”attachment_103″ align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”Fishing Pond on Paint Creek”

Everything is so green and lush.  The wild plants have just flourished.  The grasses have gotten about 2 foot tall and they just sway in the wind.  It is so beautiful seeing these green grasses dance in the wind.  I can certainly understand why our ancestors were inspired to create a green grass ceremony.  Our green grass ceremonies were/are done on the first new moon of spring.

Green Grass on Paint Creek TN

id=”attachment_105″ align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”Green Grass on Paint Creek TN”

Yesterday, Danny was wanting wild greens for dinner.  We gathering up a bunch of wild Poke Salad and Lambs Quarter.

We boiled up the greens.  Now remember that Poke Salad is a poisonous plant, but you can eat it when it is young, but you have to boil it at least twice and drain the water off between boiling and add fresh water again to continue/finish the boiling.

Once the greens were cooked, we sauté them with wild Ramps.  Then we added two freshly scrabbled eggs from our free ranging chickens and allowed the eggs to cook up in the greens.  When we looked at the cooked greens, they were the deepest green.  You just knew these greens were full of spring goodness and lots nutrients.

Then we cooked up some corn cakes (cornbread pancakes sort of – you make up a cornbread batter and add onions and pepper to it, then you fry it up like pancakes) to have with our greens.

Danny and I ate so much, that we thought we might pop.  Everything was delicious!  We felt so good.  We are grateful to be living so rich.

Enjoy your day!


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