Dandelion Flowers and Wild Ramps

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the mountains.  I spent part of the day working outside weeding my raised beds.  After I got this done I went on a bike ride with my son.  We were looking for Morel mushrooms.  We didn’t find any.

It was getting to be that time of day when I needed to think about what we were going to have for dinner.  I had an inspiring moment.  I thought I would fry up some Dandelion flowers, make some corn cakes with wild ramps and cut some of my fresh greens and fry them up with some ramps.  And to top all this off, I’d server it with some homemade tomato gravy.

I gathered up some Dandelion flowers from our yard and the field in front of our house.  There weren’t a whole lot of them that hadn’t gone to seed, but I found enough for dinner.  I was excited about something different and tasty for dinner.

I want to give you a tip about gathering Dandelion flowers.  Make sure to just get the flower heads.  The stems can be bitter.

I washed the Dandelion flowers and dipped them into a bowl of freshly beaten eggs (we have our own chickens and they eat lots of greens and bugs and they provide us with some of the best eggs), then I dredged them in flour that had salt and black pepper added for taste.  I dropped the flour covered Dandelion flowers into hot olive oil and allowed them to turn a golden brown.

I removed them from the hot oil and placed them on a plate with paper towels.  They looked so good.  My mouth was watering.

Next I fixed the corn cakes.  I just used my regular cornbread recipe, but I made it slightly drier.

After I had the cornbread mixture, I added chopped wild ramps (root bulbs and leaves) to this mixture.  I added about 1/2 to 3/4 cups of wild ramps.  I then made cornbread dough into cakes by patting them out in my hands and frying them in olive oil, until they were crispy and brown.

Then I sautéed  some wild ramps in a skillet and added my freshly cut washed greens.  These cooked up quickly, since they were young and tender.

Now, the tomato gravy I had made the day before, so I only had to warm this up.

Everything looked so good.  I called Danny in from his workshop and we set down and started eating these nutrient rich and flavor rich foods.  I felt so rich in that moment to have such wonderful foods to eat.  Danny and I ate until we were so full.

What a wonderful and simple day.  I love days like this.  It reminds us how wonderful life is and how much abundance there is, even in these hard times.

Here is a youtube video by the group One EskimO and they are performing the song “Simple Day”, which helps to sum up my simple day.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Dandelion Flowers and Wild Ramps

  1. Beautiful Kay.
    My Mom used to eat dandoline greens, but never heard of using just the blooms until now. I just may try it. Becky and Mike who live on up the road, brought us our first ever wild ramps last evening. They smell wonderful, so….maybe I’ll follow your example for our supper tonight!
    Thank you for such a nice post.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Did you cook your ramps? What did you think of them?

    We just got back from a show, Merlefest. I’ll try to create a post about our Merlefest 2010 time one day this week.

    Enjoy your day.

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