Wood Betony

Spring is bursting forth all around us.  Apple, peach, dogwood, and redbud trees are all in bloom.  Everything is so green and lush from recent rains.

A path that goes up behind our house has Wood Betony in bloom this morning.  Wood Betony is native to North America.  This is a low growing plant – 5 to 14 inches tall.  It has hairy leaves that are fern like.  The flowers are unique and very pretty. They are pale yellow to deep maroon.

Wood Betony has many medicinal properties and is used as an aphrodisiac (spring is great time for getting the love juices flowing – smile).

I have read that Wood Betony has a symbiotic relationship with a root fungus that helps it to gather necessary nutrients for it’s own survial.  So, I wouldn’t recommend trying to transplant this herb into your garden.

I love this plant.  To learn more about how Wood Betony can be used medicinally and/or as an aphrodisiac, click here.

Below are a few photos I took this morning.  I hope you enjoy them.


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