Honeybee Crisis – Dr. Reese Halter

I just watched a youtube video  that was done by Discovery.  It is about how Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate around the world.  As most of you know, these amazing little creatures are so vital to the circle of life.  They are the worlds pollinators.

We have also had problems here in these mountains with Bee populations decreasing.  Our neighbors keeps a lot of Bees (about 50 to 60 hives) and he has been fine, but we have heard from other Bee keepers in the area that their bees are decreasing.  A lot of them say it is due to mites.

To learn more about what is causing decreasing Bee populations and tips on things you can do to help the Bees, check out the youtube video of:  Dr. Reese Halter.

I found a good podcast on NPR’s web site that was done for the Science Friday program called “Whats the buzz on beekeeping this year”.  Click here for the podcast.



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