Jerusalem Artichokes – Sun Roots

It is another beautiful day here.  I just came in from working outside.  I was working in one of my beds that I grow a variety of things.  One of the thing I’m growing these day is Jerusalem Artichokes, which I like to call sun roots.

A Jerusalem Artichoke is not an Artichoke at all.  They are in the sunflower family and they are sun loving plants.  Some tribes called these plants sun roots, which makes far more sense to me.

The ones I grew last year got to be about 12 foot tall.  They were amazing with beautiful yellow, sunflower like flowers.

The sun roots I planted last year came from an old mountain man that lives about 40 minutes from us.  Danny struck up a conversation one day with him, when he was in town running errands.  One thing lead to another and the man said he had a bunch of Sun roots he would give Danny if he wanted to grow them.

A few days later Danny went over to the old mountain man’s house to dig some up.  As Danny was digging up some sun roots, he and the old man started joking and talking and one thing lead to another and the old man told Danny that he knew my father and really like him.  What a small and connected world we live in.

When I look at these sun roots, I not only think about the old man’s kindness and generosity, but I think of my father and I smile.

The sun roots are easy to grown and require little to no maintenance.  They grow tubers under the ground that are bumpy, but are similar to potatoes.   They taste really good – at least we think so.  Our favorite way to eat them is to make them into potato cakes (sun root cakes – smile).  They have a slightly nutty flavor to them and are really good.  Actually, I dig a few up today and  I plan on making sun root cakes for dinner tonight.

Sun roots will multiple and grow very tall.  You will want to plant them in a place where they have some room to spread and there is plenty of sun.  This is a gift that just keeps giving.  I love that.

This is my second year growing sun roots, but we love them.  I plan on them being a regular in my garden.

Here are a couple of links with information and pictures.  Enjoy!

Picture of the roots and some info.

Picture of the sun root flower.

P.S.  I cooked up a batch of the sun roots this evening and they were great!  Here is a picture of the sun root cakes:



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